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Some praise for the Titan and questions

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One of my hobbies is I am crew chief for a friend that is a hot air balloon pilot. this weekend in Snowmass, CO we were at a balloon rally. We always use my Titan to pull the trailer to these. One of our friends got her balloon pulled up in the mountains/forest/BLM land and ran out of fuel. We had a 6.5 hour rescue/recovery mission (everyone was OK). I offered up my Titan to help rescue. Could not get it all the way back to where she was. Four wheeled 1-1.5 miles in, and carried and carted the balloon back another mile or so up and down narrow, steep trails.

Everyone was very impressed with the Titan. All older guys (older than me anyway, I'm 36). Probably used to the ol' Fords/Chevys/Dodges. They were very appreciative of how well it handled on the trails. I let the pilot's husband drive as I had already hiked in most the way, and they caught up to me. He enjoyed the drive very much.

One reason nobody else wanted to use their vehicle is due to the new pinstripe job I have on the sides. I knew it would happen, but you do what you have to for friends. Didn't want to carry the damn thing for 2-3 miles, and hurt anyone. So, what is the best way to clean up and restore the paint job. Most of the scratches should come out, although there are some that are a little bit deep. I really don't do much detailing on vehicles, washes are far and between as well, as it doesn't stay clean long where I live. Or does anybody know of a good detail shop in Colorado Springs?

I love my Titan :clap:
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I scratched mine up running old logger trails after the first month I had mine, hit some pretty mean brush as well, everything looked like it was all clearcoat scratches, so... I went and bought some Mother's scratch-out, after half an hour of elbow grease, I decided to break out my 1.5hp buffer/polisher... took about an hour of sweat, but all the scratches were gone...
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