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So, I had the infamous(or so I found out) transmission cooler hose leak. Small leak in one of the bends of the hose. Didn't realize it was an issue with these trucks until AFTER it happened and it led me here. Obviously blew most of my transmission fluid out and wreaked havoc on my transmission. I replaced both lines and and refilled it just to find out that 4th and 5th gears were burned out. So obviously time for a rebuild or a replace.

Talked to my buddy that owns a transmission shop, he told me they only use ETE remans. About $4500 installed because they come with a new radiator. I didn't really want to spend $4500 so I looked for a used transmission. I did some searching on here in order to figure out what I could use as far as years/options but couldn't really find much information on it. I have a 2008 4x4 with big tow package, floor shift, non locking rear. I decided to pull the trigger on an 06 4x4, column shift, non big tow transmission. It had low miles and I got a heck of a deal on it so I decided to try my luck.

Received the transmission and had it installed, and it works flawlessly. It made no difference with the column to floor shift. My cruise still works even though the transmission wasn't from a truck with the big tow package. Doesn't seem as if my speedometer is off any but that's yet to be determined.

I obviously can't give a full list of what works with what, but as far as a 2008 4x4 with big tow goes, an 06 4x4 without big tow will work without having to reflash/change out TCMs. And as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter where your shifter is located as long as you have your original cable.

Obviously we don't have huge issues with our transmissions, but for anyone that has the same questions as me, hopefully this will help.

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Glad it all worked out for you. The radiators and the rubber lines clamped to the steel lines are what cause most tranny failures on these trucks. Radiators are prone to crack at or above the 100k mile mark which will flood the tranny with coolant which is the most common and several have had the rubber lines pop off while driving dumping the expensive matic J or S on the hwy burning up the tranny. Most guys will have Level 10 build them a tranny once this happens and yes it's about $4000. I suggest bypassing the radiator and or getting a all aluminum radiator and double clamping the rubber lines for preventive future issues.
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