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Something Strange

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My Titan started to hesitate a while back if I would slow down quickly then accelerate again. This is a medium-quick stop with gradual acceleration. It also did this when I turned left or right. I took it to Jonesborro's Nissan dealership and the were very helpful, I got a code (I think it was 1059) for a transmission problem. They said it was an electronic thing that linked the brakes and shifting and it wasn't working properly. They fixed it for free, but about a week ago I come back to the dorm parking lot to find a small Dodge Dakota with a destroyed front end then see my rear bumper bent into my rear left panel. The Titan is being repaired right now, but for the week I drove it with damage, the hesitation once again came back but there was no code this time...... Anyone else experience this? Sorry for the long post I'm just new and really want to get to the bottom of this.