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Sonar sensor constant/steady beep

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So I was in a rush and backed into a light pole right at the spot of the left inner sensor. Now when I back up, sometimes I get the loud constant beep, sometimes I get the rapid beeping and other times it works as expected. The sensor is skewed ever so slightly..Could that be the reason ? I plan on doing the self diagnosis tomorrow to see what fault code it shoots out.
I am not sure if I want to take out that sensor for good. Or replace it and see if the issue persists. Any thoughts?

And thanks to this forum I was able to replace my driver side towing mirror after I knocked it out on a parking lot pole

Update 3/19/2017. I was finally able to do some troubleshooting. I removed the sonar sensor that got hit (second from the left ). When I back up, the constant beep does not occur. I swapped that sensor with the sonar first from the left and had all four sensors in place and when I back up, the constant beep occurs. So this tells me it's not an issue with any of the sensors.and I dont think it could be the angle of how that sensor now sits after I dented it. Kinda at a loss..


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