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Sorry Guys

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well...after MUCH debate, thought, scrutiny....and sleepless nights...I have finally made the decision to get rid of my Titan....

# crunching for the past 2 weeks has shown me what I have spent in the last 13 months and 35,000 miles on gas...

if I can average 17 miles to the gallon with my new diesel I will cut my fuel costs in half....2 buddies of mine have 06 Dodge Cummins trucks and get 19-20 consistantly.

I love my Titan and if I didn't drive as many miles as I do I would never get rid of it....its a sad day.

I will welcome the new ride with open arms and hope for the best....

2007 Dodge 2500 5.9 Cummins
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The loss you are going to take on the Titan & the extra cost for the diesal is going to make you a much poorer man.
Well, good luck with your new truck and sorry to hear about giving up the Titan. Although it's true that we generally are a paycheck to paycheck society, so the bills we have immediately in front of us are what we typically focus on, in the long run, things tend to even out if you look at them. what may seem more expensive, after 2 or 3 years, may not be that way.

Good luck, and hope it works out for you.
If only. If only Nissan would build that HD DIESEL for us!!!!!!

Best of luck!
Good luck with whatever rig you go with...I personally would be very leary of a Dodge however. The Cummins is a great power plant but the rest of the truck is what I'd be concerned with (trans, front-end, etc).

Also the new "Lifetime" powertrain warranty from Chrysler doesn't cover Diesels...hmm makes you think....If I were going to buy a 3/4 ton truck it would hands down be a Chevy/GMC with the Duramx/Allison Trans. more power and longevity built into that powertrain...
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