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Sound issues - Volume Fluctuations? 2017 Titan

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Hi all. I bought a 2017 Titan 6 months ago. Love the truck, but it had a bubble in the paint from day 1 so I took it to the dealer, they fixed it, and ever since then, I've had issues with the sound coming out of the speakers. Around every turn, the sound fluctuates - almost as if you were changing the balance/fade options. Once around the turn, the speakers go back to normal sound. Before I take it back to Nissan for repairs, I want to have an idea of what to tell them so I'm not chasing my tail here.

Anyone have an idea what this could be? Thanks!
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There's a setting that automatically adjusts the volume depending on your speed (increases at higher speeds, decreases at lower). I don't know if that could be malfunctioning in some way.
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