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Spank Foose wheels 6 lug

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Anybody out there with this wheels? some pictures maybe? 20"s or 22"s
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FOOSE is a excellent choice.... DF-6 in a 24"




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there is a cat named StickyRicky over at he has a set of 26's. They're extremely dope and I was thinking of these same rims! Right now his Mada is the one at the top of the page when you go there. He has the 6 spoke instead of the 5. I think I like the 6 better but the 5 spoke is tuff too!
Awesome truck dude thx you know anybody with the "Spank" wheels?
Spank 6's would look sick on a Titan. If you got the cash, go for 24's with this rim.
These are my ultra 20" kindof a rip-off of that design, 275/55 Michelin LTX MS


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i know a couple guys with DF-6's and they love them... get the 24, trust me you will be much happier
My buddy is running 23" spanks on a silver KC. He just put em on. I'll try and get some pics
crymeariver, what color is your titan? Spank 6 foose powder coated black rims on a black truck would be SIIICCCCKK!!!!!!!!
my old set up on 22s

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I thank you all for the pictures !!! helped alot
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