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spark plug looks horrible @53k

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Changed the plugs this weekend and started on the passenger side and they looked ok. On the drivers side it went from bad to worse. The rear plug had some oil on the threads, the next one was ok like the passenger side ones, the next one was by far 10x worse than any of the other ones (see crappy phone pics below).And for the icing on the cake the bolt holding down the boot on the front plug snaps.
Is their anything that can be causing the drivers side cylinders to be worse than the passenger sides?
Will I be ok driving around with the boot not bolted down on the one plug?


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Wow! That thing look's charred! Makes me want to change my plug's!
Wow, someone's gonna start a "look how much better my mileage is after changing spark plugs" thread real soon!
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What is the crap on the plug above the washers? The washers on the plugs are compression seals, there is not supposed to be crap on the plugs above the washers.

Also, it has a brownish red ring on the insulator above the nut/wrench flats, which makes it look like the plug was not holding compression.
those the NGK Iridium plugs? I changed mine out and the didnt look like that
heres what mine looked like at 90k


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I just did mine last friday (91k miles) and they looked similar to AA's, but with a little less brown on the threads. Something doesn't seem right with the OP's plugs.
How hard is it to change the spark plugs on the Titans ? Are they hard to get to ??
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Faulty O2 sensors could be the problem, even if your SES light isn't on. Those plugs look horrible, I've pulled plugs from 100k+ motors that don't look that bad.
Dang it!! Now I'm gonna have to check my plugs. Thanks 20TITAN04!!
many things cause dirty gas,,****ty oil,,,bad all can add up...glad you caught this before it got worse!
i did mine at 42k and they look good. the tip was a bit white but were ok. i had mine change by a member from here that works for Infinity dealer.
Ive changed many plugs...none of which looked that bad...did you change them for any reason?
Might as well be the one to ask, which plugs are you guys swapping with (stock?) and is it a simple swap like motorcycle engines?
The plugs are NGK.It was only one plug that looked like this,that's what has me puzzled.
And like Bestatchess mentioned, how the hell is the soot past the washer on the plug?
I cleaned off the oily soot off of the threads last night and it was very sandy? ????
The only thing I can think of is that they never tightened down the plug at the factory.

The plugs are easy to change with the proper tools for those of you asking.1 hour job
I cleaned off the oily soot off of the threads last night and it was very sandy? ????
Hopefully not cat grit. Is it consuming oil?
do all the plugs look like this? it looks like the oil seals around the plugs are leaking and getting oil in hte plug well and then seeping around the plug. somehow getting in. But the rest of the plug electrode looks bad also.

maybe detonation? I have seen erosion on the tips like that with detonation.

I will pull mine. I only have 30,000. I use 93+ octane all the time.

If you have a programmer or did the advance on the timing and do not use High test gas, you will detonate.

Or the above post said: 02 sensors not reading right. the front ones that monitor the gas at the manifold exit.

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