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Sparking Sound

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Under hard acceleration I have a sound from the engine bay that almost sounds like sparking from a poor connection. I don't see any area that could be causing this. Any thoughts?

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I would check Battery cables to alternator, check ground straps on engine. Have someone rev the engine and see if you can hear it. Could be a worn motor mount causing the engine to move more putting tension on Straps or Wires.

I would check for a spark plug wire arching also.
we have COP`s, coil on plugs.

You might also pull your coil picks and check the boots to see if any are cracked and allowing arcing.
This^, also does the truck miss at higher rpms?

I've checked all these areas but still don't see any culprits. I've been reading way too much about the cracked manifold issue and am now freaking out it could be that lol
you`d hear it more down low than at screaming speeds.

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believe it or not, I had a serpentine belt make those crackling ticking noises that I could hear in the cab.

I sprayed some water on the belt and the noise temporarily went away, replaced the belt and the noise was gone.
not saying that is the noise you hear. Could the ticking be coming from the bell housing, as in cracked ring gear? they are known to make a racket under load.

what ever it is, it is loud enough for you to hear at speed in the cab.
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