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speed wobbles @ 50-55mph.

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hello. i have a problem with speed wobbles coming from the rear of my truck. i know its in the rear of the chassis somewhere because when i get to about 55 mph i can see the bed seperating from the cab line in the rear view mirror. i have new tires and the truck has never been wrecked (according to carfax). this truck is my baby and the wobbles are driving me nuts. oh yeah, and when the bed is loaded down a little bit, i cannot feel the wobble. has anyone come across this with their titans? any help or advice is appreciated.
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Probably the tires. Even new tires can have problems. Tires can be out of round or have other problems. I would suggest a good tire shop to check the tire ballance, roundness and any other problems. I once went thru 7 tires before I found 4 good , round tires. Could possibly be in the driveshaft. I would go after tires first.
Might be a slipped belt in one of the tires!
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