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Speedhut Guage Question

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I have my truck tore apart and am attempting the install of my Speedhut guages. The tape they supply wont stick for anything, so my guages keep moving around. Not going to work out like this i dont think. I cant even plug it in to calibrate the guages. It just falls. Plus if it isn't sticking the needles wont ever work right i dont think.

Anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions???? If so let me know, i am sitting here with truck tore apart waiting. :crying:
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Ok i finally ended up getting the gauges on right. After i put EVERYTHING back on for the second time............i turned on the lights and it worked. Then i tried to adjust the inverter and a whole side will now not light up. this has been a crappy install and i blame the quality of the product on it all. dang!!!! I dont know what to do now.....take it apart and try again or wait till i hear back from speedhut.
TitanBlue said:
baseballfanz had a lighting problem too. He had to solder a connection back on, might want to PM him.
Does he even get on here anymore? I havent heard anything from him in a minute. I am almost positive it's the inverter. I took it all back apart and checked my connections. I can see it flickering when i mess with it. Plus it makes a loud whining noise when it's turned up all the way. It's rather annoying. From this experience i would be hesitant to suggest this to anyone unless they are just wanting to waste a few hours and scratch up their interior like me. I am sure once the problem is solved i will be happy with the end results, but now this is how i feel about Speedhut products. :fu:
Surprisingly someone at Speedhut replied to my email today! So that makes me feel better about them taking care of me. However they want me to remove the current gauges and send them back then they will send me a working set in return. Not really how i wanted to handle it, i wanted them to send me a set then i remove and install in one day instead of dong it twice again. They mentioned the switch was bad, like it wasnt the first.
I would offer my C/C # if they would work with me on the bad one. We will see what happens. It's quite obvious it's the switch on the inverter, when i switch it back and forth i can see the ones trying to illuminate that are broke. Does yours/anyones make the high pitched whine sound when turned up like mine?
TitanBlue said:
I don't hear anything. Only problem I've had is the physical placement. My right side is a little low.
Yeah that right side wire placement is a biaatch. It's in the way of the clip, so no matter how you hold or place it it will move upon installation.
1 - 6 of 11 Posts
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