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Speedhut Guage Question

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I have my truck tore apart and am attempting the install of my Speedhut guages. The tape they supply wont stick for anything, so my guages keep moving around. Not going to work out like this i dont think. I cant even plug it in to calibrate the guages. It just falls. Plus if it isn't sticking the needles wont ever work right i dont think.

Anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions???? If so let me know, i am sitting here with truck tore apart waiting. :crying:
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I had the same problem. I ended up takin the back of the original cluster and setting it in the dash without the clear cover piece and without the needles. Push down on the taped spots long enough to stick making sure the right side speedhut wire is out of the way of the clear cover piece clip. I keep getting everything lined up and it keeped getting messed up by the clear piece clip. Once you have bent the wire into a position that it is not in the way you can align all your needles. Turn your key into the second click and then you can set your gauges at zero(make sure to align the gas light up I had to let the truck get low on gas so I could see the light). Once your gauges are aligned you can snap the plastic cover back over the gauge and screw it back on but be careful not to let the clip on the right side screw it all up. Another trick is putting blue painters tape or masking tape around the sides of the instrument panel so when you're putting the top of the dash back on you don't scratch up the sides of the dash. Good luck it took me three different times to make sure it was straight.
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