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SpeedWorld Orlando, Special Titan Event interest inquiry.

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I spoke with the owner of the Speed World Dragway in Orlando again today and he said that if we get 15 Titans that want to have a private event at the track that they would do it. The cost would be 213.00 for each vehicle and that would cover runs all day from 10 to 5PM we would do it on a weekend either Saturday or Sunday around February when the weather is good and you could bring the family if you like because spectators of the participants would get in for free.
We could do the picnic thing in the infield, have contests and such and just have a good family friendly time with as much drag racing as you could stomach in a day.
They would prep the first part of the track so we would get good launches but we would not be able to race heads up because of insurance regulations unless we wanted to pay for a full crew and trust me, we don’t want to pay the fees.
We would still get slips for the runs and be able to tell who did what but no heads up. You could also have more than one driver per vehicle as long as they sign a release and if you have someone that has another vehicle they want to run and have 213.00, bring em.
I have three or four guys that are interested that have some 10-second cars and that will be fun to watch. The guy who grew up in the same hometown as me is kind of crazy, go figure, lol and was wheel standing his Camaro the last time I saw him run.

You don’t have to be a member of the Race Club to attend, so who wants to rent a drag strip?
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