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Spray-In Bedliners - SW Ontario

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looking for names of places/prices to get an after market spray-in bedliner? any suggestions?
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Is that Ontario, Canada, or Ontario, California? Either way, you may want to check your local Yellow Pages as this is a specialized application. Line-X and Rhino are the two top names. There's a Line-X rep who sponsors this site. You may check the link on the sponsor page for some info, or pm him. Otherwise, provide a little more location info and I'm sure you'll get some other members to offer some suggestions! Good choice to line it! It's way better than a drop-in liner! :thumbsup:
Thanks BB..i'm in ontario canada. i'll look into the line-x as well and i've found a local dealer for rhino.

Click on the "Canada" side... then select Ontario... It will list dozens of dealers.

Also, Rhino:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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