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Spray on wax

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Has anybody used one of those easy spray on waxes? It sounds too good to be true, just spray it on and it waxes your truck!
I want my titan to be shiny all the time, but I just can't wax it that often.
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i use meguires or how ever you spell it, today i applied their polish and wax which i used on my past vehicles. it makes for a easy spray off after off-roading a bit. :eveilgrin also found out just how big the beast really is, if i didnt love this truck this much id buy a buffer, probably will when i get enough scratches.
i used to use zaino on my sportscar but it was too labor intensive for the results imo. ive only heard good comments about zaino's quality no matter where i go and gave the best shine and seal i had.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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