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Spray on wax

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Has anybody used one of those easy spray on waxes? It sounds too good to be true, just spray it on and it waxes your truck!
I want my titan to be shiny all the time, but I just can't wax it that often.
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dman said:
Try Zaino Bros. The initial 2-3 steps are very labor intensive but after that you can just wash occasionally and use some of their Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer with a microfiber towel and it looks as good as new. In fact, you can use that stuff every couple of days w/o washing beforehand just to keep her looking great. Works very good, but the initial treatment is a bi-yatch.

Hello dman:

I tried Zaino Bros. this past weekend after reading about it here. The advice was right on! Great looks and the thing I liked best was it doesn't leave all that excess wax powder all over the black rubber pieces and all when you buff it out. I found the Gloss Enhancer to also work well afterward and for touch-up later. Good advice dman!

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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