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Squealing in Reverse

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So lately I hear this high-pitched squealing when I go in reverse. It's completely quiet when I am in drive.

My first thought was the U-Joints, but both driveshafts have absolutely no play in them and all 4 joints look/feel good. I would hate to go through the effort to replace them and that not be the issue.

New brakes have less than 10k miles on them, and there is no debris anywhere that I can see in the dust shields, etc.

Any other thoughts?
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Brakes, emergency brakes, and U-joints are all good... the noise is still there. It's not really a squealing, I guess, but more of an oscillating squeak-squeak-squeak that speeds up an dslow down with my back-up speed. From insid ethe cab with the windows down, it seems to be coming from the center.

I guess My next step would be to try to locate it while someone else is backing it up... but I'll be tempted to be under it at the time.
Figured it out. The rubber boot behind the transfer case where the main driveshaft comes in. I greased the heck out of it and the noise is gone.
having what I would identify as the exact same sound. Loud high pitch squealing that sounds as if the emergency brakes are left on. Gonna take a look tomorrow and try an grease the rubber boot to see if it's gone.
Wow, I forgot about this post... the noise went away for a short time after I greased that boot, but it came back later. I was greasing a bunch of stuff down there and probably got lucky that the noise stopped for a short time. Turns out the U-Joint was bad even though it showed no signs of wear and didn't wiggle at all. Replaced the u-joints, all better now.
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