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Stainless hood shield

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I think the Titan might look good with a stainless steel bug guard like
the one Lund calls their Interceptor. Don't know of anyone who makes
one yet.
What do you guys think?
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37L1 said:
Might look good on top of all that chrome but then again it might be overkill.

How much are they going for?
Lund doesn't make one for the Titan, but they do list a clear and a
smoke one on their website. I also considered a clear one painted
on the backside to match my truck.

Lund lists Advance Auto Parts as where to buy in my area, but when
I called them and gave the part #, they couldn't find it in their books.

Hopefully, this summer maybe some of these guys will get their act

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CaliforniaTitan said:
I personally think it might be a little too much Chrome myself. We are probably going to go with the Nissan one in smoke and the door window ones as well also in smoke.


nissan make them for the window too?

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tbeecher said:
I thint that would look hot on my silver. I may take my factory protector back since they can't supply the center clip..
if you do id luv to see a pic since i got the same color and still deciding with one to buy.
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