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Stalls at normal operating temp.

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I've searched the forums and didn't see the issue I'm having so I decided to post...About two weeks ago while in the fast food drive thru, my truck stalls (2008 Nissan Titan). No sputtering, nothing... Just dies. Later that evening it started and got about home and stalled again. About 2 miles. The next day we noticed that it will start fine with the engine cold. Once the engine reaches normal operating temperature, it dies. It starts back up fine and then dies, almost immediately. If you wait a couple of hours for it to cool, it will start again and run until it warms up again, and the vicious cycle repeats. Can someone help me figure this out? It's driving me insane. Any ideas are appreciated.
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Any codes ?

Without any codes or more info... I'll throw out Engine Coolant Temp sensor...

If you have an OBD2 scanner that lets you look at data (I have an Autel.. like 80 bucks..or you can do a 13$ plug in Bluetooth and the Torque app or similar on your phone...) you can look at the ECT when you start it cold (should be the same temp as where it is parked) and see if the rise in temp it shows matches the real world engine temp. Warmed should show around 180-190F(82C-88C)
It the sensor says the engine is "cold" when you know its really "warmed up" ... Bingo

I don't think you can not go by the dashboard temp gauge... to the best of my knowledge, they aren't the same... (Haven't had the truck long nuff, nor read deep enough into the FSM to know for sure if this is true or not...)
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