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Starting a cooler console build

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So....I picked up a 12 volt cooler at a garage sale for a buck. Decided it would be fun to see if I could make it cool the center console. An ice box would be sweet, but I dont want the condensation and water....etc.

Anyway, I got it all pulled apart and its a pretty simple setup. A main switch, pos/neg wire, a fan, and a condensor. I think it should be able to keep drinks "chilled" for a good long time with low energy consuption and its really quiet.

Ill post pics as I start the install in the truck.
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Great idea. Subscribing.
Daniel. Thanks for the links. Im basically trying to avoid two things. First.....there would be no reason to change anything in the console EXCEPT for four very small holes for the mounting of the condensor. Second, Id rather not have any water in my console, as it gets over 100 here regularly and Im not sure I want all that condensation in my tranny tunnel. Third, no ice, more room for good stuff. :)

At this point Im thinking Ill have to mold a small tin piece to fit the console since thats what the cooler originally had to increase the cooled surface area. Im gonna work on it some tonight, then hit it hard in the morning and see what I come up with.
Ah more room for the good stuff! Sounds like you thought this out a good bit. I would like to see how this turns out
Hmmm if it works I may do the same thing. Good idea

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