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New to the arena - liked my 06 Titan 2x with the suicide rears so much I bought a 4x4 with 4 doors used that was driven hard, so I been fixin it up so I can sell the 2x. Pulled it into the garage to change the front struts/hubs/rotors/calipers after a slow start - so put the battery on charge while doin the work. Get it all together and wouldn't even click, so after swapin battery/relays/ipdm and testing everything I could find I pulled the intake and dropped in a starter.

This is where it gets good - So now it cranks right over and runs for almost a full second - WT&$*$*%* !
Help - no gages flickering/no lights flashing - checked all the fuses, did the throttle valve closed relearn, I even swapped the EVAP purge control solenoid and the MAF of my other running 06 Titan - same thing?
Could I have somehow screwed up the transmitters with the IPDM swap? I switched em back, same thing with both keys even.
I have almost a full tank of gas and I can hear the fuel pump running when I first turn the key on - I didn't break the line when I pulled the intake.
If anyone has any ideas I am up for anything - its currently in the garage with the battery disconnected and will give one more shot in the am - Thanks:confused:
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