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State Capital Dragway ET

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Went to State Capital Dragway B.R., LA last Friday night and run my best ET in the Titan, 14.899 @ 90.67 mph. It was a last minute deal, Received a PM about a couple members of CT going (markislive & dboldmiss). I did not have time to prep the truck so i went as is. The truck was run in Full Street Trim, dirty, full of everyday items, full tank of gas, stock tires, i had to clean out the bed when i got to the track. Here are my modes, PGM, Volant Gen 3, RB 170* stat, 2*, Flowmaster 40 on stock pipes, jettech helper springs, 2.94 gear w/ open diff (NO Tune, NO Headers). The air was almost perfect, i dropped the tire air pressure to 22 lbs. and let her rip. Here is a couple time slips, 14.992/14.899, check out the .007 R/T. I have a line on a 07 exhaust, my Truetrac will be installed in a few weeks, and i will bring my Drag Radials when i go to No Problem Raceway on 11/30 and try to get a 14.7 out of her. I'm No. 22.


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Good runs man, should be awesome with a few more mods.
I might go out to SCD this friday night now thats is in the 50's instead of 100+degrees like the last time i went.
I havent ran my truck before but ive been there a few times to watch my friend run his drag car there. Anyone know when the nxt test and tune is? I want to run a few times to get used of the way everything works.
ok well i dont know much about the classes and what not at the drag strips.
I looked on there site and saw the regular test and tune and trophy test n tune. Whats the diff lol?
Hey man post again when you go to no problem. I would love to check out your truck. Or state capital for that matter i visit both frequently but am usually at no prob. I never run my truck but i love watchin. lol
They run every friday night, it is a trophy race, if you win your class you win a plaque. dboldmiss is going out there this fri., he has a 07 KC smoke in color, ride out and hook up with him a cool guy. I can not make it this week, when i go again i will post up.
I'll be there,trying to brake in that 14.2 class.
good luck out there dbolemiss. Im probably not goin but I should be goin pretty soon so ill post when Im going also
So what,you guys are letting me go out there by myself with all the haters?Thats Ok,i'll do mt best to upset the big 3.LOL
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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