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steering controls down, airbag, horn and cruise control

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so I did a body lift and seems I pulled a harness out somewhere... I pulled the plastic trim from over the cruise buttons and it's not that one.. so wondering if anyone can search their uploaded manual/database for the harnesses I'm describing... Its irritating that the airbag lite stays on... its dangerous I'm sure.. sucks that the cruise is down and the horn doesn't work... so all around it's a big problem lol... gonna be back in like 12hours going to a soundoff in the wifeys car. be back. thanks for any help!

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The engine control manual is a little over 15 mb, I can email it but I don't know if you'd be able to receive it. I downloaded mine from
You have to register to d/l and you only get 1 d/l in 24 hrs so choose wisely. I would probably start with engine control but that's just a guess.

Obviously you've pulled a harness that leads from the steering wheel. Go under the dash and start chasing wires is probably the best way to go about it.
yeah, thanks, I tried it that way and it looked like everything was plugged in :( that was when I proceeded to pull panels, I got the lower steering cover off and the lower dash off and still couldn't see anything unplugged.. it's weird because there are no wires attached to the steering shaft, so maybe from the frame to the computer box or something.... I'll download that later, thank you for it.
If you disconnected the steering shaft and did not lock the steering wheel in the center before disconnecting it, and making sure it didn't turn, you most probably broke the spiral cable for the airbag. It houses all the connections for the steering wheel that you mentioned. I have probably replaced a hundred because the spiral cable was not centered after steering component disassembly. Once broken it can not be fixed just replaced. To center it when installing a new one or when there is a question about whether it is centered or not: With the wheels in a straight ahead position, remove negative battery cable, remove driver airbag, disconnect plugs for airbag and switches, remove steering wheel. You see a round black thing with a connector for the switches and two wires for the airbag. The black round thing is the spiral cable, at the top of this is a grey knob, with your finger, lightly, very carefully, wind it clockwise untill it stops, do not use much pressure or you can break it. The knob should be anywhere from the 2 to 6 o'clock position, then you bring the knob back counterclockwise to the 12 o'clock position. This is your starting point. Make TWO(2) complete revolutions counterclockwise making sure the knob stops in the 12 o'clock position. the spiral cable is now centered.
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how much will it cost me to replace it? I'm probably off by 2 splines or so, is it guaranteed broken? I havn't found any loose/pulled wires... AND I broke my steering shaft boot... friggen body lift wasn't worth it... wish I didn't get it :(
Judging from your description of your problems and what you said you did to your truck, that would be my best guess. I don't know how much they cost, I haven't asked lately. Someone might chime in and tell you.
WHen I did the BL in my wrangler I also changed the the boot so I disconnected my steering shaft. Iwrapped a piece of duct tape arount the top of the steering wheel and stuck the other end to the dash. Just wanted to keep it from moving alittle. My neighbor came out and the first thing he did before I could yell at him was fling the steering wheel like a moron to watch it go round and round. That was a $350 move.......he paid. So now I ratchet strap it to the seat brackets before I do ANYTING with the steering wheel.
Any luck? Did the same thing to my '06. A buddy at nissan can get me a new spiral cable for $228. Got a dealer price of $460. Shouldnt be too hard to install according to my friend as long as you line everyting up. Will chime in after christmas and let yall know.
has anyone figured this out? i would really like to make sure that this is my problem before i spend that kind of money
Anyone have install instruction on changing out spiral cable assy , and if it is only dealer item . I also have no controls working on sterring wheel and airbag light blinking constantly
Probably similar to this:

I think you can find them used.

I don't know if the following item is the correct part or if it fits your vehicle or if it is in working condition. I am merely posting it to illustrate the type of stuff you can find on Ebay that might have relevance:

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so about a year ago my volume controls were intermittent. i asked the dealer and he was pretty positive that it was the spiral cable. then he asked if it was afected by temperature.... not sure why.
well now, after having a new steering rack put in because of some leakage (covered by aftermarket waranty) and then having another one put in because the mechanics used a bad part, the airbag light is on, horn is inop, the volume/radio power/mode controls dont work at all..... but my cruise control is still working. not really sure what is going on. I am pretty certain that it's the spiral cable, but i know that my aftermarket warranty doesnt cover the spiral cable. guess i'll stop spending my flight pay on booze :D gee whiz ****. good info.
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