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steering controls down, airbag, horn and cruise control

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so I did a body lift and seems I pulled a harness out somewhere... I pulled the plastic trim from over the cruise buttons and it's not that one.. so wondering if anyone can search their uploaded manual/database for the harnesses I'm describing... Its irritating that the airbag lite stays on... its dangerous I'm sure.. sucks that the cruise is down and the horn doesn't work... so all around it's a big problem lol... gonna be back in like 12hours going to a soundoff in the wifeys car. be back. thanks for any help!

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The engine control manual is a little over 15 mb, I can email it but I don't know if you'd be able to receive it. I downloaded mine from
You have to register to d/l and you only get 1 d/l in 24 hrs so choose wisely. I would probably start with engine control but that's just a guess.

Obviously you've pulled a harness that leads from the steering wheel. Go under the dash and start chasing wires is probably the best way to go about it.
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