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steering controls down, airbag, horn and cruise control

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so I did a body lift and seems I pulled a harness out somewhere... I pulled the plastic trim from over the cruise buttons and it's not that one.. so wondering if anyone can search their uploaded manual/database for the harnesses I'm describing... Its irritating that the airbag lite stays on... its dangerous I'm sure.. sucks that the cruise is down and the horn doesn't work... so all around it's a big problem lol... gonna be back in like 12hours going to a soundoff in the wifeys car. be back. thanks for any help!

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yeah, thanks, I tried it that way and it looked like everything was plugged in :( that was when I proceeded to pull panels, I got the lower steering cover off and the lower dash off and still couldn't see anything unplugged.. it's weird because there are no wires attached to the steering shaft, so maybe from the frame to the computer box or something.... I'll download that later, thank you for it.
how much will it cost me to replace it? I'm probably off by 2 splines or so, is it guaranteed broken? I havn't found any loose/pulled wires... AND I broke my steering shaft boot... friggen body lift wasn't worth it... wish I didn't get it :(
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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