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Steering leak/pop after lift?

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Hey just got my procomp and radflos on. Having some noise issues. Drove it to work 20miles maybe. Then drove to the beach 130miles. When I backed into the driveway I had some bad popping noises (nothing while driving). Tighten all the bolts. This morning driving a bit ill get some random popping occasionally. But then when I backed in again and turned fairly sharp(not the entire way) is started popping again! Crawled under it and saw some spots on the tie rod boot of fluid. The pop also happened a couple times when I got in and out of the truck when it wasn't running. Any ideas? Is it the rack?
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Make sure your UCAs are full of grease. When I had my lift installed and the garage failed to put enough grease in them. At slow speeds or while parked if I turned the wheel I would get a pop pop pop pop noise.

I hooked my grease gun up to the UCAs and pumped them full until it was spewing out the sides of them. Instantly the popping was gone
It could just be the lift settling after install. It could also be the steering rack. I tend to drive mine like it has no power steering because the larger rims and tires are pretty tough on the steering rack. Eventually it will fail due to the extra stress. I have replaced mine once since the start of ownership back in 2010. It has been getting more and more loose feeling lately and is probably about to break again. You gotta pay to play though :)
The past two times Ive had to brake hard there was a loud pop from the front. Any idea what that is?
I had a similar situation with my armada. There is a narrow cross member bolted on the frame, 2 bolts on each side where the skid plate for the oil pan bolts onto. The first time I dropped the front diff to replace the cv flange seals, I didn't tighten those bolts enough after putting everything back. I was hearing popping noises every time I would brake, particularly when braking hard when trying to figure out where it was coming from. I took my cordless impact, retightened the bolts and the noise became obsolete.
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