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Update, as of 6/29/12. We have negotiated a tremendous discount with UPS for our Tube related products and shipping for all Steering kits is only $17!

This is kind of an offshoot from our DOM sales & its about time! We have taken way too long to bring these to market. The prices some companies charge are out of this world for these simple items so we are going to serve them notice right here!

Steering components from Ruffstuff Specialties using our own Heat & Cryo Treated Chromoly Heims or GM 1 Ton Tie Rod Ends.

I priced these out using a fair pricing model we have developed (we do have to make money or we won't be around long) but after I was done I compared our prices to several other companies and was sure I had made a misstake! Our pices couldn't be that much lower than theirs could it? I did my pricing again & again, always with the same result. Okay, our pricing is simply more fair I guess ;)

Y Link steering

We have also uncovered some interesting Tie Rod Ends for those of you having problems with Diff Cover clearance, pretty damned cool with the same strength specs of a standard GM 1 Ton TRE...

Offset TRE Kit

They are available alone or as a kit

All of our kits using Heims also use our unique Safety Misalignment & Hex Bungs

All of our kits give you choices that can save you money, be stronger, and be more versatile. Look closely through the selections and make your decisions carefully. Keep in mind DOT regulations about Heims in steering. Heims are not legal in any state for highway use when used in steering. They may perform better but are not DOT approved, use your judgement...

These hae been on our site for about a month and it really seems you like them with 6-8 sets shipping daily :)

Steering Components & Kits - RuffStuff Specialties
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