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Steering not fixed yet.....

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Alright guys, im running out of options.. I have talked to both of my local dealers about fixing my damn steering problem and they keep telling me that there not gonna cover it becuz its out of warranty... And there wantn to charge me 75$ just to look at it!! Its pissing me off very badly becuz im not gonna pay them to fix my practically still new truck! I only have 44,000 miles on the beast.. Its bullsh*t!! I mean its only 8,000 miles out of warranty!! Do you guys have any suggestions before i call in a dam bomb threat??!!!!!!! Thanks
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First of all, what problems are you having? Did you mod your suspension in any way?
Only 8,000 miles out of warranty? That's like 8 months. Last I checked, it was a 3/36 warranty, not "3.66/44." If it were 500 miles or less out of warranty then I can see why you'd be frustrated, but I think it's expecting a lot for Nissan to cover something under warranty when it's so far out of it.

As HVT asked, what problem(s) are you having?
I know its a bit out of warranty, but still to only have 44000 miles on a fairly new truck?? It just bothers me.. And no i havn't moddod it in anyway.. Its been discussed on here before. Im not the only one that has this problem.. When im going slow and making a turn, i can feel a pop in the steering wheel. It doesn't do it all the time, but its definately noticeable. And also when im driving, it seems to "wander" on the road.. There was another member that had this problem and his was way out of warranty, but nissan fixed it for free..
First time I'm hearing about it. I've heard about clunks in the front end and bumpstops needing replacement on some trucks but never steering problems.
Yea its an odd problem.. But heres the link to the other thread i started about it a while back..
My honest suggestion is to pay to have it diagnosed and then go from there. There are Technical Service Bulletins and other things that may be of some help. The thing is, everyone involved needs to know what is going on first. Then once you know what it is, you can work with the dealer (or go over their heads) to get it fixed. By the way, it has never been cool to say things like "call in a dam bomb threat??!!!!!!!" Even long before there was any such thing as "politically correct". A lot of people take saying things like that really, really seriously.
My bad.. I apolagize for saying that. I was just joking so please no one take me serious on the bomb threat.. :blueblob: I will get the problem diagnosed then let all you guys know...
Crawl underneath. Give the steering rack a good beating with a hammer and your problems may go away. You may have some rocks or something caught between the steering rack and the frame.

Thats what I did and it worked. Otherwise dealer wanted $1000 for replacement. Clicking/popping hasn't been back since.
Ill try that mayn.. Thanks for the tip. :cheers:
mine did the same thing and the steering rack was bad and had to be replaceed as an assembly....try calling 1800nissan1 and ask to speak to a rep and sale your case..good luck sorry so late on the post just noticed it today.
sorry my reply is so late , just found your post. I would like to know if you got the dealer to take care of your steering problem. The dealer should take care of the problem because your truck is just outside warranty. I may be able to get you some assistance with the issue on yor titan. Ill check back soon for your reply
My bet is the front differential and not the steering system. That is what happened to me. Have them check front axle end play. If it turns out to be the differential, that would be under the power train warranty and still covered.
Make sure the lower A-arm bolts are NOT stripped. I had a slight popping sound on mine that was getting progressively worse and I finally discovered it was a stripped eccentric lower A-arm bolt.
Hey guys.. I still havnt taken it to the dealer.. I just figured it wouldn't do any good sence its out of warranty, except for power train of course.. It actually stopped doing it for a while, but i noticed it a few times in the past week.. Its not the front diff as i am 2wd.. Who knows.... Im sure i will take it in sometime and let them see what they can find, if anything......
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