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Stereo Upgrade - Custom Box 4 10's

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Well i just got my stereo completed.

Deck - Pioneer DEH-P7900BT
Sat Radio - Sirius
Speakers - Front Infinity Component 6.5" Rear Coax Infinity 6.5"
4 Ch Amp - Old Rockford 500x
Mono Amp - Rockford BD1000
Subs - 4 Punch p1's 10"
Custom Box

Ill get pictures up later tomorrow.

Mids and highs sound great and the bass is clear and hits hard.
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Sweet man! Cant wait to see the pics!
Custom box

Bluetooth Mic


Old school rockford 500x

Rockford 1000bd

Pioneer 7800BT

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Gotta love the old fosgate amps!
Nice job man!

Now onto lifting the truck and new wheels and tires.
Yeah I know what you mean about lifting the truck. Thats what I want to do but it's going to be a lot of cash to get it done so I guess I have to start saving some cash.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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