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Still getting a bad deal

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So heres the deal. Some of you may not know, but the Canadian dollar is now worth more than the American dollar. And it just so happens that with a new arrival due in my family in 3 more months, a change in my wife's vehicle is in order (I'll still be keeping my Titan). But there is still a big difference in pricing between the same vehicle up in Canada compared to the states. Both of the below are comparably equipped.

So does anyone here have good details how I would go about importing a vehicle from the states? There are a few threads on here, but pretty old info on them and not clear enough for me. I know we have some members here that work at Nissan dealerships. I know that I will have to get day time running lights installed and get an inspection after I cross the boarder but I'm after info that I can't get up here. Stuff like--I want to trade my other truck in on this, how difficult would it be. Also would I have to set up financing up here, or would I be able to get financed through nissan in the states? Also, how exactly would the warranty be affected? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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37L1 said:
I dunno what your saying Lon. Are you crazy Americans planning on having 1/4 pennies minted so we can get the exchange rate exact on monetary transactions?:dunno:
Why not? It already costs us 2 cents to make a penny. . .
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