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Stillen Cai ????

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Just wondering if anyone is running the CAI from Stillen. I saw they had it on sale a week or so ago. Can't find anything about it. Thanks
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i purchased one last week and will install it on saturday...the consesus on it from what i read is that it has one of the largest {oil-cleaned} filters and re-uses part of the stock intake tube...that said it is one of the most quiet intakes and might be {probably is} the best performer, even if it won't win any beauty contests...i am excited to get it put on
I got the stillen intake. I took it off my 06 before I traded it in on the 07. It's not that loud cause of the lid. I ran it with out the lid once and it was much louder than with the lid on.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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