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Hello all, I am new to this forum, but have been looking around here for some time. I have had my new 08 titan 4x4 KC SB for 1.5 wks, and loving it. I bought the Brawn Red with the bucket seats, power W&L, ect. I have 700 miles on it and just purchased a AEM Brute Force air intake from Advanced Auto for 266.00.
I have not installed it yet, and have been looking for a new exhaust. Stillen has one that is dual in and dual out rear exit #509557 and another one like it, but rear side exit. They claim the rear side exit is louder than the rear exit, but have no audio clip to compare them. I was just wondering if anyone here has installed the rear side exhaust and can post a video clip or any commits on this exhaust.
I have heard the dual in single out video clip from this forum and they actually sound loader then I remember the Stillen sounding. I was also looking for a power module chip but cant seem to find any for the 08. By the way I am a 53 years young, never grew up Kentucky hillbilly from London, Ky.
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