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Stillen LT's, Walker B-pipes and Banks Cat Back

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O.K. Guys, I'm going to be the guinea pig on this one:teeth:

I've had the Banks cat-back for a few years now with a Fram Boost CAI (Made by AEM). Today I got the Stillen LT's from FEDEX (on time!) Thanks Margaret for the emails!!

I'm having some allergy/asthma problems that are keeping me inside for the start of pollen season, but as soon as I can, I'm going to install the LT's with some Walker B-pipes (100.00 delivered) to the full Banks cat-back. I'm sure with the 2006 I'll be good to go as far as the O2 emulators, and the Walkers are 2.00 with a slightly narrower flange that narrows it to about 1.8 inches. I'm thinking that this is going to give me some back pressure that will keep my low end torque decent without a tune. I'll post my thoughts and experiences as soon as we get some rain or I get some meds and can spend the time in the driveway to install the buggers.

After I get some time on the LT's, I plan on buying the full UpRev Osiris/Cipher package. I'll do some runs and get some data logs out and a 87 and 92 octane tune from UpRev to evaluate the difference a good tune can do. I know a lot of people are on a budget, and I would have gone with the OBX headers, but I had a funny feeling that I didn't want to deal with potential fitment issues and spotty tech support. If the Nismo headers were still available I would have jumped on those and possibly a Borla cat-back (prior experience makes me love some Borla!)

So, give me some time and I'll get back with the results for my 2006 KC 2WD.
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Forgot to say: The Fram CAI and Banks really make the T git up and go! I get a little drone around 75-80 mph, but at 65 it purrs like a kitten, we'll see how the change makes her sound!!!
I would have posted some pics but my camera said no, something about dead batteries, so tomorrow I'll get some pics of the Stillen's and the Walker B-pipes just to keep everyone interested. (I should have time since I'm going to the Doc to get a check-up and see about my asthma).
how long did it take for Stillen to ship out your headers from the date you ordered them?
SS or ceramic??
how long did it take for Stillen to ship out your headers from the date you ordered them?
SS or ceramic??
Took a couple of weeks, got the SS ones.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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