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Stillen Super Charger

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Well i've been looking around and apparently the Stillen Super Charger is the only forced induction system available to the Titan. I was just wondering how much torque and hp im going to get if i purchase one? and im guessing it is a twin screw supercharger?:confused: is there going to be any other forced induction systems out soon for the titan? I think that the downfall of the Titan is that it doesn't have much support from the mod market.
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Go with the Vortech...
Get everything in writing before you buy...
Warp09 said:
Why would he say though? I saw a thread, but I don't re-call what was exactly wrong with the truck..
Read my post on the other Titan site. It's titled 'Never Again Stillen.'
Flippin Pips said:
Yes, you can still blow your transmission after the VB is done by removing the WOT, not a smart move - therefore said, if your willing to pay a minium of $4500 for a transmission build up by all means remove the WOT, if not "Do Not Remove THE WOT". Hope this helps.
I tried to reply to your PM, but it's full.

Let me know when I can send you a PM.
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