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Stillen Super Charger

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Well i've been looking around and apparently the Stillen Super Charger is the only forced induction system available to the Titan. I was just wondering how much torque and hp im going to get if i purchase one? and im guessing it is a twin screw supercharger?:confused: is there going to be any other forced induction systems out soon for the titan? I think that the downfall of the Titan is that it doesn't have much support from the mod market.
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20TexasTitan08 said:
Dang, the vortech supercharger is only for the 2006 Titan, i don't even think the stillen does the 2008's does anybody know why?
Both the Vortech and Stillen S/C is for 04-06 only. Evedently when they added VVT to the 07 it change things a bit.

Stillen is supposedly working on the 07- right now.
20TexasTitan08 said:
well i just want the s/c with the most power, but i hear a lot of good things about the stillen s/c being reliable! Thanks alot guys for all the advice:cheers:
What part of Sugar Land you in? I'm in SL too.:D:cheers:
20TexasTitan08 said:
new territory, you?
Not too far from you. I use to live in New Territory, moved to First Colony but now I'm in Village of Oak Lake (W. Airport/1464). I'm over at Hudek's Baseball Academy about once a week. Did you get my PM?:cheers:
20TexasTitan08 said:
Wow i used to live in first colony too!, you live right next to my school i think, yes im only 17, but i love Titan's just as much as anybody, im gonna get a 2008 texastitan LE CrewCab and couple it with a stillen supercharger first thing! i've been saving my money up since freshmen year so i could finance one when i turn 18 on march 12! I'm sorry but i dont really know what a PM is? Oh yeah and i play baseball too; i go to hudek's quite a bit! what do you drive?:)
I have a red Titan, there's an instructor who drive a Smoke Titan over there.
Yeah I use to live right across from Clemems HS. Hated when the marching band practice.:D
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