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Stillen Supercharger For Sale

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I have a friend that I am selling this for since he is computer illiterate,I am new here but have been a long time member at and
As the title says Stillen supercharger,with exhaust, intake and this kit the truck went 8.67 @ 81mph in the 1/8th mile..He paid right at $6800
-complete kit as it came from Stillen
-approx 2700mi on kit
-reason for sell...his truck was repoed:eek:
-Paypal accepted,and i'm verified
-PM me with any more questions,but I think you all know what this kit is capable of,and can go to stillens site for specs
-pics will be up in a couple of days,or i can e-mail em
-$3500 serious inquiries only please
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You should list a location, oh and the guy isnt named scott is he?
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