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Stillen vs DT LT's?

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Sorry if this has been discussed, didn't find anything in my search.

I am looking at getting a set of LT's, and the consensus appears to be that Nismo are the best, but unavailable, that leaves Stillen and Doug Thorley. I am wondering if there are any significant advantages or disadvantages between the two that I should consider before buying?

For background, I live in northern Canada, and put up with 6-8months of winter and heavily salted roads, so stainless steel is preferred. I am not a drag racer, just typical truck usage, looking for primarily for low to mid gains. I bought in on the Berk B-Pipe group buy, and understand and am comfortable with having to buy Uprev to get the most out of headers. The truck is 08 Crew 4x4 short box, only other mod is AEM intake. Not looking for increased noise, though aware it will be an unfortunate by product.

I have read lots of fast trucks run Stillen, and there are certainly lots of TT's running Thorley, I am interested in the reasoning behind why everyone purchased the make they did.

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Just so you guys know, the Thorleys come with a warrenty against coroding and stuff. Check your paperwork.

My DTs have done me very well. I didnt install them myself because i was the test dummy for Thorley when they decided to do it. I went in and talked to my buddy and the head of R&D then got the ball rolling.

Mine still look brand new and they have over 25k miles on them. 10k of that has been in the neasty northwest rain.
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