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Stock 18'' wheel ideas?????

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I have my stock wheels/rims in storage and was wondering what i could possibly do with them. How did some of you paint your wheels? And.......since i own galaxy black what colors?????
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bigfinderman said:
Drag radials mayn!! :gunz:
Yeah.......i definitely wanted to keep them if i ever wanted to hit the strip.
adavis99 said:
thanks.....i think i would remove the tires first before i did mine. Isnt there a brand like krylon or close that offers wheel paint now at the local auto store? Duplicolor i think????

Powdercoated would be suuuweeet!!!!!
FourDoor said:
roy, if your tires are dismounted now, I would go with powdercoat. It is much more durable and the finish will be much better. The reason I painted mine were:

1. It only cost $50-$60 in materials.
2. I did not want to dismount my tires yet since powederocating would have put my truck out of commission for about a week since I don't have a spare set of wheels yet
3. If I was going to get them powdercoated, the shop needed to sandblast the wheels originally anyways so if i painted them it would not have hurt to try painting them first.

#2 was my biggest concern actually.

In terms of colors here is what I think would look good on Galaxy Black:

1. Semi-Gloss Black
2. Flat Black
3. Gunmetal
4. Bronze
very good points.i understand # 2. mine are in storage and i am ready to do something with them. make them my track wheels and tires. i am almost scared to call the powdercoating place. that would be the best choice however.and a better selling point if it comes. I think my color would have to be conservative yet sporty just in case i do decide to ever trade or sell. So can you pick the listed colors when going powdercoated or am i limited there?
Just found out the color possibilities are endless with powdercoating. But i assume if they had something around like a semi-black it might be less $ than something they had to order in. i am thinking anything over 400-500 bucks is too much?????
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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