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Stock 18'' wheel ideas?????

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I have my stock wheels/rims in storage and was wondering what i could possibly do with them. How did some of you paint your wheels? And.......since i own galaxy black what colors?????
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roy, if your tires are dismounted now, I would go with powdercoat. It is much more durable and the finish will be much better. The reason I painted mine were:

1. It only cost $50-$60 in materials.
2. I did not want to dismount my tires yet since powederocating would have put my truck out of commission for about a week since I don't have a spare set of wheels yet
3. If I was going to get them powdercoated, the shop needed to sandblast the wheels originally anyways so if i painted them it would not have hurt to try painting them first.

#2 was my biggest concern actually.

In terms of colors here is what I think would look good on Galaxy Black:

1. Semi-Gloss Black
2. Flat Black
3. Gunmetal
4. Bronze
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It depends on the powdercoat place and how specialized they are. The non basic (red/blue/black) powdercoat stuff is typically more expensive. I was also looking at getting the wheels anodized but could not find a shop nearby that had good recommendations. For powdercoating you get to select the color and the type of gloss you want.

If you are going basic black (gloss or flat), just look for an industrial place that can do it for you. They typically have the best prices as they will just add your wheels to a batch that they are doing. I was lucky enough here to find a place that someone had already tried to get their wheels powdercoated in and had goo results.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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