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Stock suspension components?

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Is there any market for stock suspension components? I am closing on my new house next week and I've been cleaning out the garage. I have everything you take off for a Pro Comp stage 1 kit- spindles, rear shocks, etc. Please let me know if there is any interest, and what a fair price would be. Otherwise I can just throw them in the corner of my new garage.
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Theres some market depending on what you have. If you had the off-road package its worth a bit more. Its worth it for some people looking for a temporary fix. Ive seen prices for the coilovers and shocks alone range from $200 to free. Dont know how much the other stuff should go for.
You might be able to unload some of the components on the Frontier/Armada forums. They can use our upper and lower control arms and spindles to make a long travel front end if I'm not mistaken. Granted you aren't parting with your LCA's, but they may be interested in those spindles and UCA's?? Try The stock rear shocks aren't really worth much.

Good luck, and congrats on the new house!!! You were at the Jersey meet, correct, with the mast for a sailboat in your bed???? I guess you made it back there safely!!
Hey guys, thanks for the input.
Yeah, that was me at the meet. Since then I got the truck almost 100% repainted (started as just paint matching the rear bumper and fixing some stone chips, then escalated). I've got a few more plans for it and I'm looking forward to getting to a few meets/shows next year.
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