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Strange noise...

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Hey fellas, I have a strange noise when I turn my truck to the left that I just noticed about 20 minutes ago. It doesn't sound like it is coming from my steering column, but rather down by the front driver's side wheel. It sounds like a bracket or some other part needs some lube under there. I have a 2006 CC 4x4 with 285/70/17 BFG ATs with 33,xxx miles (I'm sure this is worthless information, but I'm just trying to provide everything that deals with the truck). Any thoughts on what it could be? :dunno: Thanks in advance.
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busted wheel bearing? joint? lack of grease somewhere?
I have a noise also only on left hand turns that almost sounds like a groan. I thought it had to do with the Procomp lift I have, it almost seems like a ragjoint issue.
hmmm, i guess i'll take it into the stealership tomorrow and have them check it out...i hope it's a warrantable item.
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