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strange problem with door lock

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Having a strange problem. This is a 2004 Titan King Cab.

When I roll the window down with the automatic window opener, the window gets to a certain point and pops the door open.

Then I cant close the door without locking it.

I also can't open the door from the outside. I have to roll the window down and reach in and unlock the door.

Anyone have similar problems?
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I don't have that problem but based on your description, my money is on the linkage to the external door handle being disconnected or broken, and sitting in the path of the window coming down, in such a way as to cause the linkage to activate the latch opening as the window presses on it. Pull the door panel (with the window up) and look for loose/dangling parts. You may have to buy replacement linkage due to bending/breaking at this point, but you might get lucky and just be able to put it back together.
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