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Hello Everyone!

My wife and I recently purchased a 2005 Titan King Cab. It was an "the right price at the right time" situation. One of the things that was wrong with it was that both front struts and bearings were shot. Killed the front tires (completely bald on the inside). So we're in the process of installing new struts and the entire hub assembly on both sides of the truck. The truck, unfortunately, hasn't seen a lot of maintenance in the last few years, so every bolt and nut is rusted solid and requires a lot of heat and force to pop out.... we're actually being held up by a single bolt right now that just won't budge. The forum has already helped immensely in trying to figure out the best way to remove these wheel hubs and struts.

I've tried searching

I'm looking to replace every nut and bolt I take off and have come up with the following part numbers:
  • 40030A for the hub bolts
  • 08918-3401A for the nuts on top of the strut
  • 54040A for the strut bolt
  • 0891B-6441A for the strut nut

I'm having a hard time finding specifications on these. I think the hub bolts are M14x1.25 but I can't verify that, the nuts for the top strut appear to be M10x1.25. Would anyone have this information off hand or know a good place to get this information? Also looking for hardness.

Thanks in advance for the info.

I need to also replace the drivers side tie rod end, that seems fairly straight forward as well (thanks to the forums here for pointing me in the right direction).
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