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I know there has been a couple attempts in making a turbo work with no Daily driving avail. I am not worried about the mapping, thats the easy part. I would like to get some grind on what all is needed to make this fit correctly. April I am having custom cams made and pulling the heads and doing some Top secret stuff done (My tricks, not others) . I studied the LV10 build and have a builder that will do the same along with the VB mods that stillen used to for half the price. Forget all that, Just want to rub elbows with people that have a full fit turbo setup to pick their brain. Trade a working turbo tune with them after turbo is complete and I have AFR tuned a turbo for a titan. :) This is real, go drink coffee elsewhere. LOL ,

Waiting for JB input, I know its coming hahaha:devil:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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