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stuff off my Titan for sale

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Can't keep up with gas prices. Off loading truck possibly this weekend. But I figured i'd redistribute what I can. For sale; AEM Brute Force CAI chrome tube under 10k on it; Tech12volt rear seat enclosure with two RE 10" subs entry level subs sound great tho box is in new condition; 4 x 305/70 R17 nitto Terra Graps. Under 10k on them. Still plenty of tread left. Rotations done and alignment. (I'm a Tech did it myself). If anyone is intrested just make reasonable offers buyer has to pay shipping please. I will post pictures tonight after work.
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how much for the smoked Led 3rd brake light? also feel like getting rid of the TT or not really worth all the hassle? thanks shawn
I'll pm u today about the third brake light, I wann make sure I still have the stock one. My old rear diff gernaded so i have nothing to put back in there if i removed the tt. Unless u lived near me I could swap out of your titan, but would be some labor.
Ya tha TT is definitely out cuz I live in Florida. But if u do find the stock 3rd b.light let me know and Take a Picture of ur LED one one the truck if u can.? lit up and unlit. Thanks
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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