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Stumped. Please help! Crank but no start issue. IPDM relay was replaced

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I have an 04 Titan. For a little while I was throwing a P0455 evap leak, and while I was driving with a quarter tank of gas, the truck shut off. I put it in neutral and tried to start. Nothing. Pulled it over and swapped the IPDM relay, checked all the fuses, nothing. Had the truck brought home and tried to prime the fuel pump. Thing seemed to be dead.

So I replaced the IPDM relay with one from Nissan, dropped the tank and replaced the fuel pump. Found out in the meantime that there was maybe a half gallon of gas at the most. Okay, so maybe my sending unit was no good and was giving me a false reading. Put 5 gallons of gas in it and it started right up with the new pump installed.

Now the problem I'm having is, later on that night I went to start the truck and it died after two seconds. Tried to start, and it just cranked. Primed the pump and it fired right up.
Now every once in a while when it is warm it does the same thing. Either hesitates an extra crank or two, or dies and wont start until I re-prime the fuel pump. Other than that, the truck idles and drives fine if it's on.

I replaced the crank position sensor, and it still does this. Could there be air in the line that won't purge out? Or am I having pressure issues? No leaks, and I cleaned the evap valve but I still have the code.

I obviously don't like the truck stranding me on the side of the road, and want to prevent that again.
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