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Cienfuegos said:
I wouldn't recommend continued use of your tranny like that. I believe you are just causeing more wear and tear on your tranny. :computern
Amen to that.

We farmed out our fair share of newer trannies that had been mistreated; a lot of the old sloppy '60s trannies will stand some of that, but more modern highly engineered trannies won't.

A story as an example: Good buddy of mine said that his dealership (BMW/Saab) made real money fixing Saab trannies that were mistreated like this - the Saab just won't take it, and consequently got a bad rep. He owned a Saab that had come in for its third tranny and the owner was thoroughly ready to unload the car. My buddy bought the car for the next to nothing trade-in value plus a few hundred bucks, fixed the tranny, and drove it to 120,000 miles without doing anything else to the drivetrain. But he NEVER threw it into drive while going backward.

Moral of the story - don't do it unless you want to be fixing that transmission.


1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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