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stupidest thing that got you pulled over

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just wondering whats the weirdest and or stupidest thing you got pulled over for.
i got pulled over in my Tiburon for having my for lights on. i was going home and a under cover cop turn out in front of me and was in my lane. he was going slow as he!! so i said screw it and changes lanes and went by him and on go his lights. i have a cat-back exhaust on my tib and swore thats what i was getting pulled over for. he comes to the car and asks me to turn on all the lights i had on. ok... so i do it and he said i cant drive with my "adverse weather lamps on" wtf is that???? got a 109 dollar ticket with 4 points. that pi$$ed me off hardcore!!! he doesn't say a word about my exhaust but the fog lights were more important i guess. he also said i was the 6th person he pulled over for this, that just made it worse, makes it seem like he had to meet some sort of quota or something because it was the end of the month.

lol i went into too much detail, i wanted this to be a short post but just remembering it made me mad.
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Yeah that sounds about right - fog lights are for when there's fog - even though alot of people turn them on to look "cool" in town or for the extra light on back roads.

it's kind of like using your HI beams on a highway or interstate or leveling/lifting your truck and not adjusting the headlights. It's irritating and dangerous especially since the general population is getting older with all the boomers LOL
i asked what "adverse weather" meant to the average Joe, he said as long as there is rain, fog, snow, etc then they can be used otherwise no. i still used them all the time, i was just surprised he gave me the ticket for the lights and not for the exhaust on my car. I'm not complaining the exhaust ticket might have been more then $109.
Yeah it is surprising that he didn't put the two together and really drive it home!! Good thing he didn't though!
4 points seems like a lot for fog lights though....
yea it was surprising to me to, i took it to court and got it dropped to 3 points and still 109 bones. i forgot to mention the street i was on was hwy 100, that street is cruise central every night during the summer in south east WI as long as the weather is good.
I've owned a WRX and EVO8, they both ran with fog lights all the time without ever seeing a ticket.

On the other hand, one time I got pulled over because an under cover officer thought I was racing him. I was in the WRX and he was in a ford ranger. Light was about to turn green so I drove like I always do (haul *ss til the speed limit). The ranger's lane ends about 50ft from the stop light but he wasn't at a stop at the light with me. The douch slowed down enough so as the light turned green, he would just flie by it and around me. Here I am doing my normal driving style and I realize theres a ford crap piece of ranger trying to pull on me but I'm just too dam fast for him. Next thing I know, lights flashing behind me. Cop pulls me over, tells me "that's what I get for racing a cop". I tell the stupid cop "No I wasn't racing you, this is normal driving for me. If I was racing you, there's no way you would even catch me with that ranger". Stupid cop was pissed but he knew he broke the law trying to race me and we hit about 40mph (which is the speed limit) and I slowed down before he pulled me over. I walked away a "next time don't race a cop" and I replied "I don't race cops, if I do, I'd make it worth your time". That cop hated me.
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The night I was going to trade my car in for my Titan I got nabbed for cutting through a gas station to bypass the light. Good thing I didn't get any points for that crap.
Cop said my exhaust was too load making it illegal, I told him oh yea well your wrong therefore prove to me its illegal, flowmaster 50 state legal exhaust, he got back in his car and went bye, bye what an a**h*** .
seatbelt ridiculous is it that the government makes us wear our seatbelts? I'm sorry, but if I don't want to wear my seatbelt and kill myself in an accident, I'm not putting anyones life in danger besides my own. Just absolutely ridiculous in my opinion...:boxing:
^^I agree,
But if you get severely injured, it costs the insurance companies tons of money, thus adding to the fuel to raise rates.

Or as in the case around here, So many people are on medicare or medicade or are non payers/uninsured. So all they do is waste my tax dollars or cost my family income if they go to the hospital and are uninsured.

I got pulled for "speeding" on campus. 25 in a 20 mph. Same cop busted a friend of mine for speeding on his bicycle through campus, how dumb is that.
Aggressive driving. I didn't slow down for speed bumps that were placed in one of those anal neighborhoods. I was in the truck doing the limit, 35. Cop said I was going too fast because my rear wheels were "coming off the ground when going over the speed humps." Judge dropped it in court because I wasn't speeding and was free to drive over any obstacles in my legal driving lane and would probably have to pay sooner for damage I would cause to my suspension due to premature failure. I love our invasive government. :poke:
Sunglasses were to wide. I had a pair of Locs when I was younger. Looked like these without the SD logo

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I'll offer these two instances:
Once for the light above my plate being out. I said I didn't believe it, officer said have a look for yourself. I went back and wiped the road salt off with my thumb and left on a 'have a nice day'.

Another time for having my parking lights on when John Q. Law thought it was dark enough for headlights. Pretty subjective IMHO, but it was only a warning. I guess it was a good thing he didn't see the drag racing 1/2 mile before that. :angel:
Remember the Chevy Chevette?

My sister had a 1976 model. My parents and I were driving her back to Radiology school in Harrisburg on I-81. We were all in the car because the students were not allowed to keep vehicles while in school there, so we would be driving it back home. My Dad & I were in the back seat goofing around, and the State Policeman must have thought it was just a bunch of kids in the car with all the stuff crammed in the hatchback.

When he walked up to the driver's window and looked in, he actually lowered his sunglasses to get a better look and seemed surprised to see a family instead of a bunch of kids. So he made up some crap about the 3/4" high school sticker on the bottom of the back window (which was about 4' high!!!) being too big and blocking rearward view. Nevermind the clothes and bags that blocked the back window.....

He just gave my sister a warning and told her to take the sticker off when she got to school. He could have just fessed up and admitted he made a mistake, but then, we would have thought him to be a decent human being....and we can't have that, now, can we? :lol:
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Once for exhaust on my Prelude. It was the only time I'd ever been pulled over for that and I just so happened to have a black passenger with me. I accused him of profiling...he wasn't too happy about that, probably cause it was true.

I got a ticket on my bicycle once for failing to yield to a pedestrian at a crosswalk. I even had to take a class for that. Campus cops at UF can be pricks.

I was with my dad when he got pulled over in Starke, FL doing the speed limit. The place is a notorious speed trap. My dad was so pissed I thought he was going to fight the cop....still not sure how he didn't get arrested.
Went to undergrad at Tufts in Boston and 3 friends and I went to New Hampshire to shop (they had to buy something expensive and didn't want to be taxed). I have Jersey plates on my truck. So we are going to leave the mall and we need to make a left. There is a HUGE line (50 cars easy) in both the left and right-turn only lanes. So, the light is broken, it didn't turn green once during the 20 minutes I was waiting. What ended up happening is that most people in the left lane just started making left on red. So half the people or so in front of me make their freaking lefts on red, The other half, just made U-turns right on the road. I get up to the front and I really thought it was a BAD idea to try this across this road so I decide that I'm just going to turn right on red from the left lane, and I turned into the outside lane and I made eye contact and pointed where I was going to the guy in the right lane. As soon as I make the turn a cop lights me up and I pull over back into the mall entrance. Lights all on, spotlight on (not that it did much good, the Tahoe Sport's windows are heavily tinted from factory). Comes up to my car asks me for license and registration which I hand over.
"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
"Because I made a right on red because that traffic light is broken?"
"You only think it's broken"
"No, it is broken. You see that long line of cars waiting to turn and the people making lefts on red? That light hasn't turned green in the 20 minutes I've been waiting for it and it still isn't green. I thought it would be safer to turn right then to cross 3 lanes of traffic coming at me."
Then he turns to my friends and says, "I don't suppose you have ID on you do you?"
Goes to his car for 5 minutes and I'm fuming and scared (damn college aged kids don't know nothing hah), comes back.
"Why are you here?"
"We were shopping"
"You came from New Jersey to shop?"
"No, we go to Tufts."
Then he was half friendly asking us about local shops there (I wonder if it was him testing to see if we were really from there).
Then he just hands back all the IDs, turns around, and without saying a ward gets back in his car and turns his lights off.

I'm freaking out because at this point I think we are OK but I don't want to drive away because for all I know the psycho might pull me over again. I sit there for 5 minutes and then had enough and drove away.
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My top five:

1. Ticketed for going 57 in a 55 speed zone (dang Arkansas trouper). I am probably still wanted in that state.

2. Ticketed for going 55 in a 25 zone, but that was because the sign ahead said speed zone 55. The technicality was that I hadn't crossed the line of the sign yet, so "technically" still in a 25 zone.

3. Ticketed for being pulled off the side of the road using my cell phone.

4. Pulled over for "imprudent speeding" after sending my car airborne over a quick rise hill (stupid on my part).

5. Ticketed for peeing on a highway job site. Iowa didn't have many rest stops and my condition was code red. The tickets were illegally parked on a freeway and trespassing. Should have gone for the hat trick by peeing on the officers leg.
Driving down the highway and a pheasant flew across the road (they do it all the time here in Iowa) and I hit the pheasant, it rolled over my hood and hit the trooper that was right behind me.
Got a ticket.
Krodad said:
Driving down the highway and a pheasant flew across the road (they do it all the time here in Iowa) and I hit the pheasant, it rolled over my hood and hit the trooper that was right behind me.
Got a ticket.
What did he ticket you for? Littering? How is that your fault that a gamebird ran into your vehicle?
Blackbeauty said:
What did he ticket you for? Littering? How is that your fault that a gamebird ran into your vehicle?

Flipping him the bird.
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