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sub and amp configuration

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I have 4 kicker s10l7 and I have not yet got the amp for them yet. I plan to get the kicker zx2500.1, would that be a good fit or is there another amp I should be running to get full potential from the subs, btw the subs are 4 ohm
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Well those subs are only rated at 600 WRMS. I'm not sure if that Kicker amp is a good choice because its 1K watts at 4 ohms and 2500 @ 2 ohms. I think its going to be overkill for your subs. Not to mention its a 1500 dollar amp that is 27 inches long!
I think all you would need is the Sundown SAE-100D amp, You can wire your subs to give you a 2 ohm load and it will push them just over 600 WRMS or if you want to try and give them more you can wire the subs to show a 1 ohm load and give them 1k watts. The kicker subs can probably take the 1K but this gives you the option to try both setups and see what works better. Another interesting thing is the S/N ratio for the Sundown is double the Kicker amp. Its not as important for subs but that is something you should think about especially if you are going to overpower the subs. Because remember its not power that blows speakers its distortion! Also it is only 11 inches long so mounting it in the Titan is much easier.

If you think you still need more there is always the SAZ-1500D-- 800 @ 2 ohms and 1500 @ 1 ohms and thats underrated!! But you need to be sure your electrical system is ready for this. You need 0GA wire to get the most out of this amp.

If you want more info check out

And PM James for your best price.
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