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sub enclosures for sale.

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i build me a front firing enclosure for my kickers so these are no longer needed. these are individual enclosures and have a mounting depth of 6.5 inches, and are bottom firing. it will lift your seat about 1.5 inches and your seat will not latch but you wont be able to tell its lifted ones your back there. im asking $100 shipped to your door. any questions you might have you can pm me or just post them here. these are for a kc. thank you.
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What is the internal volume of these boxes?
.76 cubic feet. $80 shipped.
this is the new box i build got .85 cubic feet internal and its front firing. i will soon post some pics of the whole system audio and video on another thread but i just took these in the garage since its windy outside. i didnt like the stereo pocket so i installed an alpine eq instead. and for those with kc that wonder if they can fit amps back there, i have three phoenix golds and an mtx electronic crossover.
is that a CX-X or CV-R? hows the bass with that box/speaker combo?
cv-r, i like the bass out put of the speaker(considering its a 10") im used to having 12"s or 15"s.:)
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